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What’s the Big Idea?

29 Aug

Something recently got into the main water supply on college campuses:  young creatives now assume they can flourish in the marketing and advertising world solely on their Big Ideas. While it’s true that some professionals do, most don’t.

We’ve been exposed to a century of Big Ideas, and recently, with our attention almost completely shifted to the internet, witnessed new ones rise and fall and then rise again at unprecedented speeds—the temptation to find the next Big Idea is now extremely attractive.

Of course it is important to observe the changes in our industry. There are a lot of them. The ways in which customers, users, viewers, fans, readers (or whoever else) interact with products, websites, videos, sports, hobbies, magazines, newspapers (and so on) are constantly evolving. Consequently, how we persuade those people to LOOK OVER HERE, TAKE THIS SURVEY, READ THIS ARTICLE, PLAY THIS GAME, COMMENT ON THIS PICTURE, ENGAGE WITH OUR BRAND, and, essentially, BUY OUR PRODUCT is not necessarily more challenging but different.

What hasn’t changed is the value of good writing. Where there is a writer uninterested in creating direct mail, point-of-sale copy, email blasts, whitepaper, or other heavy-texted (but often laborious) copywriter miscellany, I will be there (to exert both brain power and keyboard sweat). I’m a workhorse, not a prima donna. While I do enjoy and value the process of ideation for strategies and headlines, I also can write more than one or two lines of good body copy.