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Writer for Hire

28 Aug

I’m launching this blog to display my value as a writer for employers. Though I have artistic ambitions as a writer (e.g. literary journalism pieces, fiction short stories, cultural essays, etc), this blog will primarily solicit copywriter work.

This includes many types of work: newsletters, brochures, print ad copy, direct mail, news stories, press releases, reports, edits, critiques, point-of-sale copy, among others. Being fairly new to the game, I’m also a great hire for parcels of projects–I can fill in for reasonable costs.

As a writer’s writer, I have found that I’m particularly valuable for critiquing, editing, and creating web content. The text that a person, business, or brand displays on a website is crucial. It tells a story, and when it comes to telling stories, (through narrative tools, language, grammar, syntax, creativity, etc.) I can help.

In a less direct way, the blog is also intended to promote the value of writers in general (not just me).