For Good Storytelling

Electric Literature

This journal features short stories from recognizable names in the field of literary fiction. If you consider yourself a serious (fiction) writer and you don’t recognize them, start reading. EL also orchestrates collaborative projects with visual artists–check out their Single Sentence Animations.

This American Life

Hosted by Ira Glass, this popular NPR broadcast showcases the value of good storytelling: its qualities range from entertaining to redemptive. What’s great about their website is their archive–there you can listen to any episode ever made for free.

The Moth

I actually discovered this through This American Life. I like the idea of comedians telling serious stories and writers trying to be funny, as well as other comfort zone walls broken down here. The events hosted here simply give people the chance to tell stories in front of live audiences.

The New Yorker

Yes. The New Yorker. I believe that its still worth reading from this institution of a magazine. Although they feature a lot of content for free on their website, for the price of subscription, I can read through every issue ever made from the New Yorker’s archive. I love that.

The Atavist

Multimedia storytelling is important for writers to embrace, and good writing is something that publishers and visual artists should not forget to value. Atavist is here to show us how that should look, a product giving users a visually stimulating reading experience.


This creative group from St. Louis, MO actually sells itself as a storytelling firm, applying “the principles and tools of storytelling to help organizations solve their most challenging problems.” The video on their homepage alone makes the visit to their website worth the time.

The St. Louis Beacon

I like the idea of journalism as a public service, subsisting on the value of “deeper understanding.” The Beacon features good reporting, and offers its community the chance to engage in “thoughtful discussions” through a digital format.


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