Writer for Hire

I’m launching this blog to feature my value as a writer for employers. Though I have artistic ambitions (writing literary journalism pieces, fiction short stories, cultural essays, etc) this blog will primarily solicit copywriter work.

This includes various assignments: newsletters, brochures, print ad copy, direct mail, news stories, press releases, reports, edits, critiques, and point-of-sale copy, among others. Being fairly new to the game, I’m also a great hire for parcels of projects–I can fill in for reasonable costs.

As a writer’s writer, I have found that I’m particularly valuable for proofreading, critiquing, editing, and creating web content. The text that a person, business, or brand displays on a website is crucial. Why? (For one, it includes tags that help build search engine optimization, attracting more visitors, but most importantly…) it tells a story, and when it comes to telling stories, (through narrative tools, language, grammar, rhetoric, syntax, creative problem solving, etc.) I can help.

In a less direct way, the blog is also intended to promote the value of writers in general (not just me).


One Response to “Writer for Hire”

  1. Joyce Gooden December 19, 2012 at 4:29 pm #

    Fabulous! Can you email me at goodenj@arps.org with a link to this.

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